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Do I Need To Be an experienced Mogul Skier/Rider to Compete?

No Way! We welcome (and encourage) all abilities of skiers and riders to compete on the Midwest Mogul Tour. We focus on fun rather than strictly competition!

Does the Event Cost Money to Participate in?

Nope! Thanks to our amazing sponsors, the event is free to participate in however you will need a valid lift ticket at each stop in order to participate in the event. 

Are Spectators Allowed?

Absolutely! In fact, they are encouraged! Stops will have a variety of great viewing angles and beverages on site. So sit back, take a sip, and enjoy the show!

Do I Need To Attend All Three Events To Win The Grand Prize?

Maybe... but maybe not! Each stop will give skiers/riders the ability to earn points, but attending more stops gives you extra points and the ability to earn even more! If you want a detailed description of how points are scored, check out our about page by clicking here.

Do I Need a Helmet To Compete?

Yes! All contestants will need to wear a helmet during their runs. 

What Types of Prizes Will be Awarded at Each Event?

All kinds of great things! Hoodies, shirts, hats, stickers, gift cards -  way too many things to list here, I guess you'll just have to come on down and check out the event for yourself! 

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