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The Bumps Are Back!

We were getting tired of seeing the countless rail jams and ski races and thought it was time for something new! The Midwest Mogul Tour is focused on fun and inclusion rather than strictly competition. We wanted to create an event that everyone can participate in, win prizes, and have the opportunity to travel to new resorts for a chance to win our Grand Prize of a 2022/23 Indy + Pass.   Come on out, have some beer  (or soda) and let's have some fun! 

About the series.png

Calculating the Winner is pretty simple, whoever has the most points at the end of the series wins the grand prize of a 2022/23 Indy+ Pass. Point totals can be found on our Standings Page, but here's how you earn points.

Each stop will be divided into divisions (U-14, U-18, 18+,) depending on the contestation pool. There will be winners in each category for each division, as well as, overall stop winners. 

Series Point Allocation:

-Contest Participant: 2 points
-Divisional Winner: 4 points
-Overall Winner: 8 points


-Fastest time
-Best Form

-Best Trick
-Best Costume

point system.png
Future of the Seires.png

This is Just the Beginning

We are hoping to continue the Midwest Mogul Tour for years to come adding and rotating stops, adding more prizes, and continuing to have fun. If you have a suggestion or would like to discuss how your hill can get involved for future events, please contact us by clicking here.  

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